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Note: When I was just a young and fluffy middle school Pagan, I wrote this spell, basing it off of a few other spells I had seen. It doesn’t rhyme or use pretty words and it needs a little tweaking. But it worked for me: a few weeks after I had done this spell, a guy with a very similar description to the one on my paper asked me out and we went out for a month and a half.

You will need:


      A red candle

      A pink candle

      Red or pink flower petals

      Some purple lilacs

      A red pen

      White paper

      An envelope

      Some perfume

      A symbol of permanence/stability of your choice

With the paper and pen, write ten things you would like in a lover. Set the paper down on a flat surface and say:

Aphrodite and Venus, bring me a lover.
Let he/she be faithful and true
Let he/she love me for who I am
And let me love him/her for who he/she is.

Light the pink candle, and say

Let the first feelings of love strike me and this unknown person Let our love be one of friendship and romance

Light the red candle, and say:

Our relationship will be strong, and we will have the courage to trust each other and to be ourselves, and to help each other overcome whatever crises may befall us.

Spray the paper with perfume. Put it and the flower petals and the symbol of permanence in an envelope and seal it, imagining being happy and safe in the lover’s arms or something like that. Say:

Let this love be sweet and flourishing like these flower petals, but let it be far more enduring, like (permanence symbol).

Then finish the spell by keeping the envelope with you, or burying on your property, or keeping it by your bed at night.


Kissing Spell

Take a red color lipstick and draw a lip print on a piece of  white paper , then take a red
candle and burn the paper while chanting  : kiss me when we meet , Kiss me {mention
persons Full name } Greet me with your lips , and say you missed me . But most of all

Soul Mate Dream Spell
 3 Almonds and 3 Raisins - Milk - Honey

The Spell:
Put the almonds and raisins under your pillow. Before you go to bed,
drink a cup of warm milk with a tsp. of honey then go to sleep. If you wonder if a
certain person is your soulmate (“the” one) it will tell you in your dream. So,
before you fall asleep keep that person in mind, and in the morning you will know
if he is your Soul Mate, from your dream. It is especially helpful in luring children to your sex dungeon or preferred molestation station!

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