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The Arts of reading the future

The practice of 'seeing into the future' and determining human fate and fortune is an ancient one. It involves diverse traditions from many varied cultures - and these practices have undergone many rebirths and permutations over the years. The most common forms of divination seemed to have stood the tests of time, ridicule, modern sciences and personal preference!

The most common practices are listed below - yet with any method of divination, it seems best to approach it with an open mind, but also with common sense. The methods described below, are often the "tools" used by Clairvoyants to augment, widen or manifest their perceptions. They are not only fun, but can provide interesting insights into personality, situations, and potentials - but it is, in my opinion, unhealthy to allow them to dominate one's life!

Astrology - a complex subject, one that its' practitioners would describe as a science. It bears very little resemblance to the horoscopes that are printed in the daily Newspapers and magazines, and even less to the computer generated astrological text services!

For a true and accurate divination using Astrology, consult a professional Astrologer, who will need your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth.

Tarot - another complex subject, with many practitioners, and few true seers! Almost everyone who consults this form of divination wants to know about potential futures, interactions with loved ones, and ways in which to deal with problems and dilemmas. The Tarot persuade not only the Client, but Consultant too, to look deeper and more carefully at every aspect of a given situation.

The Tarot has a multi-dimensional quality, where one can deal with the apparent mundane, material concerns, as well as the not-so-apparent spiritual aspects - and all that exists in between. A true 'Seer' is able to synthesize this information and guide the Client towards success.

Runes - an Oracular system of divination and magic! The Runes are simple, earthy symbols rooted in the natural world and as such can be touched and related to by anyone who is willing to ally themselves with them. They can be viewed, like any other ideograph, like a frozen symbol of an actual state or concept. They stimulate the imagination and help us to understand and perceive our relationship to others and to the world; thereby allowing us to cause change.

A true Rune Master is very hard to find, and I wish you luck in your search for one!

I Ching - one of the oldest forms of divination still in existence. The I Ching is not the work of an individual but the collective wisdom of generations spanning 3000 years. It is founded on the examination of nature and humanity, and stands for the schematic, rhythmic and purposeful cosmos. 'Change not the eternal,' is the central theme, and time is identified as a vital factor in the composition of the world and the evolvement of the individual.

This system works from the premise that change is not random, and that each manifestation of existence can only transmute into something already inherent in its own nature and not into anything entirely different. This system of divination also maintains that change follows in a cyclic motion, to the ancient Chinese even death conveyed movement returning to its source, being the opposite of life, death implied the eventual return to a previous state.

The I Ching affirms that by revealing to the conscious mind what is concealed in the subconscious mind, it is possible to predict the probable future and to choose a direction accordingly, therefore we can become the masters of our own destiny and not its slaves.

Palmistry - reading palms like interpreting the cards or casting a horoscope is one of the ancient methods of divination that has survived and is as popular today as it ever was.

Palmistry however differs from other methods of divination in that it is completely personal as no two hands, like no two fingerprints, are identical.

There are two sides of palmistry, chirosophy which deals with the lines on the hand and chirognomy in which the shape of the hand and fingers are analysed. Both are closely connected, with Astrology and the different areas of the hands and fingers are associated with the planets.

Crystallomancy, Crystal Ball or Scrying - Scrying means seeing magical images in a reflective medium, such as a crystal ball. What you see can shed light on the present and guide future action. The word 'scry' comes from the Anglo-Saxon 'descry', which means to see.

Scrying in shiny surfaces has been practised in every culture and time, not only by mystics and magicians, but every girl who has gazed into a mirror and performed rituals to see her lover's face, or by any man who has sought wisdom in moonlit water.

Crystallomancy differs from other forms of scrying such as tea leaves, because the images are not formed by the medium itself, but from within your psyche.

People sometimes feel that they cannot use a crystal ball or a mirror successfully because there are no concrete images on which to work. For this reason, Scryers can become anxious and actually block the natural and very vivid images cast on to the glass by the mind's eye.

Numerology - The theory that, a name is more than just a label but the essence of, the person who bears it, is an idea stretching back throughout the years. It is on this theory coupled with the belief that numbers are a store house of magic power that the practice of divination by numbers is based.

Originally each letter of the Greek and Hebrew alpha­bets also stood for a number and therefore each word represented a number when its letters were added together. In this way a person's name could be reduced to a number and they would bear the characteristics associated with it.

Each of the planets also has its individual number and consequently the person who also bears that number is influenced by them.

A person's date of birth can also be used in the same way, and when coupled with their 'name' number can foretell of things to come for a particular year in their life. There are many good books and Computer programs for Numerology, but yet again, I would advise that you seek out a Professional Numerologist and book a Consultation.

Reading tea leaves is a form of divination which relies on the psychic's ability to interpret the different symbols and patterns created by loose tea leaves or coffee grounds in a cup.

To read someone's tea leaves, you must prepare a cup of tea with loose tea leaves. A small, white cup with no designs or patterns on the inside walls is ideal. Have the querant drink the tea, leaving a minute amount of liquid in the bottom of the cup, as well as some tea leaves. Holding the cup in the left hand, he or she should slowly swirl the contents of the cup around three times clockwise. Try to make sure that the leaves are moved towards the rim of the tea cup. Then the querant should place the cup upside down on the saucer, holding it there for 7 seconds while letting the fluids drain. When the tea cup is placed right side up again, the handle should be facing the reader while he or she interprets the symbols and images.

Many leaves point to a full life. Lots of specific images symbolize many important issues in the person's life. Contradicting images imply indecision in the person's mind. The larger images are the more important issues in the person's life. Objects on the left of the handle may denote the past and objects to the right may be in the future. It is commonly believed that symbols near the rim of the tea cup refer to the present or the near future, while those towards the bottom of the cup are seen as the past. Sometimes the top of the cup is seen as lucky and the bottom is seen as unlucky.

These are only guidelines to help you get started. A genuine reading is dependent upon the readers own interpretation of the symbols.

Here follows, a list of the traditional (but not necessarily fixed) meanings of some more common symbols you may see.

ACORN---at the top, success and gain; at the bottom, good health

AIRCRAFT---journey; if broken, danger of an accidnet; can mean a rise in position

ANCHOR---rest, stability, constancy; clouded, inconstancy


AXE---difficulties; near the top, overcome

BABY---small worries

BAG--a trap; if open, escape

BALL---variable fortunes

BELL---unexpected news; good if near the top

BIRDS---good news

BOAT---visit from a friend, protection

BOOK---open, good news; closed, a need to investigate something

BUSH---new friends or opportunities; something growing in life


CABBAGE---jealousy; with dots, at work

CANDLE---help from others

CAP---trouble, take care

CAT---deceit, a false friend

CHAIN---engagement, a wedding

CHAIR---a guest

CIGAR---new friends

CIRCLE---success, completion; with a dot, a baby

CLOCK---better health

CLOUDS---trouble; with dots, many problems

COIN---money coming

COMB---an enemy

CROSS---suffering, sacrifice


DAGGAR---danger from self or others, beware of recklessness

DISH---trouble at home

DOG---good friend; if at bottom, friend needs help

DOOR---odd event

DUCK---money coming

EGG---good omen

ELEPHANT---wisdom and strength

ENVELOPE---good news


FACE---a change, may be a setback


FEATHERS---lack of concentration

FENCE---limitations, minor setbacks, not permanent

FINGER---emphasizes whatever sign it points at

FIRE---achievement, especially artistic; danger of haste

FISH---good fortune


FLY---domestic annoyance

FORK---false flattery

FORKED LINE---decision


GATE---opportunity, future success


GLOW---a challenge

GOAT---be careful of enemies


GUN---quarrels, anger

HAMMER---hard work needed

HAND---if open, friendship; if closed, an argument

HARP---love, harmony

HAT---improvement, especially a new job


HEART---love, pleasure, trust


HORSE---if galloping, good news; if head only, a lover

HORSESHOE---good luck

HOURGLASS---need to decide something



INSECT---problems are minor and easily ovecome


KANGAROO---harmony at home

KETTLE---any illness is minor

KITE---wishes coming true

KNIFE---broken friendship

LADDER ---promotion, a rise in life

LAMP---at top, a feast; at side, secrets revealed; at bottom, a feast or a party postponed

LEAF---good fortune, new life


LINES---straight, progress; wavy, uncertain path

LION---influential friends


LOOP---avoid impulsive action

MAN---near handle, a visitor; clear and distinct, a dark person; vague, a light colored person

MASK---excitement; insecurity

MOUNTAIN---great goals, but also difficulties


MUSHROOM---at top, journey or move to the country; near bottom, rapid growth, but if reversed, frustration

NAIL---injustices, unfairness

NECKLACE---complete, admirers; broken, danger of losing a lover

NEEDLE---recognition, admiration

OAK---health, long life



OWL---gossip, scandal

PALM TREE---success, honor

PARASOL---new lover

PARROT---a journey, but also people talking

PIG---prosperity, possibly greed


PURSE---at top, profit; at bottom, loss

QUESTION MARK---need for caution

RABBIT---need for bravery

RAKE---watch details

RAVEN---bad news

RING---at top, marriage or an offer of marriage; at bottom, long engagement; if broken, engagement is broken off



SCALE---legal issues; if balanced a just result; if unbalanced, unjust

SCISSORS---quarrels, possibly separation

SHEEP---good fortune

SHELL---good news

SHELTER---danger of loss or ill health

SHIP---worthwhile journey

SHOE---change for the better

SNAKE---an enemy, but also wisdom

SPIDER---reward for work


STAR---health and happiness, hope

SUN---happiness, success, power


TABLE---social gathering


THIMBLE---changes at home

TORTOISE---criticism, usually beneficial



TRIANGLE---something unexpected


URN---wealth and happiness

VASE---a friend that needs help


VOLCANO---harmful emotions

WAGON---a wedding

WASP---romantic problems


WHEEL---if complete, good fortune; if broken, disappointments




ZEBRA---adventure, especially overseas


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